Stop – Start – Continue

Stop – Start – Continue

A downloadable change management framework from DC’s leading business transformation experts

What got you here, won’t get you there.

The Clearing’s Stop-Start-Continue framework allows organizations and teams to identify what current behaviors are supporting or hindering their desired culture.

For example, use Stop-Start-Continue as a tool to help you build a team charter.

• FIRST: Define your team’s mission, vision, and values that will drive what you want to accomplish over the next year.

• NEXT: What behaviors do you and your team want to leave behind (stop), start, and continue in service of continuous growth?

Other Ideas for Using Stop-Start-Continue

As a framework for giving feedback. When you’re providing a colleague with feedback, try out this tool to describe your recommendations, focusing on the behaviors that will provide them an opportunity to continue to grow professionally (start or continue), those that may have helped them make it to this point, but may not get them to the next step in their career journey (leave behind/stop).
As a framework for receiving feedback. Define your professional and personal goals. Seek input from your colleagues, supervisors, mentors on what to leave behind (stop), start, and continue.
As a framework for Workplace Transformation projects. Use Stop-Start-Continue in your data gathering process. Identify what’s already working that you want to continue, what you want to leave behind (stop) and what else can be built into the future plan.